Team rides/practices will begin in July once registration and insurance paperwork is completed. Coach Peterson will be traveling for a few weeks but will join us late July/early August. We hope to be riding together before then! So stay tuned! In the meantime, here are some notes from Coach Peterson:

Racers1. Ride at least 1 hour two times each week (pavement or dirt, or run if you don't have a bike available), try to find ride up at least one big hill on each ride. 4-5 rides per week is even better!2. Complete at least 3 Core Strengthening Exercises three times each week.3. Attend at least one of the Try It Out rides (you don't even need to bring a bike, just a signed waiver)4. Get your bike in good working order. Bring your bike in to Sam if you're looking for some advice about this.5. Get in touch with other riders on the team. Ride together.6. Let us know if you would like some help finding a mountain bike.
A few tips:1. Work on spinning, smooth pedal revolutions of approximately 90 revolutions per minute. You may need to shift to an easier gear in order to spin like this. This makes you a much more efficient cyclist and is generally better for your knees than grinding a low cadence in high gears. Spinning is easier with clipless pedals but is good to practice even without clipless pedals.2. Be sure to check MORC before you ride on managed trails to be sure the trails are open.3. Many mountain bikers train on road/pavement when trails are closed or even for the convenience of fitting in a ride out your door. St. Paul has many bike trails to explore!4. Remember to ALWAYS ride with a helmet!

Got questions? You probably aren't the only one. Fire away! Email