HPMTB Reference Library

Email info@hpmtb.org if you need access to any of the items below.
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Google Doc and other links for leaders
What it's good for
NICA Coach site (new)
Launched winter 2016-2017. Comprehensive with discussion forums.
NICA Coaches Resource (old)
Essential skills instruction, Incident Report form, concussion assessment card, Sample Team Training Chart (!), coach manual ($35) and more.
Race information guide
A general guide to what's needed for each race for riders and coach-leaders
Facebook MN League Coaches Group
All coaches should join
Facebook Leader Group
Optional. 1-2x a week an email goes to Leader Group Email List summarizing Group activity.
Facebook Public HPMTB Page
This is public and embedded in wiki.hpmtb.org main page. It's marketing material, education, fun to know, shared video, bike for sale notices and the like. The weekly all team newsletter lists post topics.
Team Recruiting Flyer
Marketing flyer for the team
What to do every practice. It's in the team manual.
Skills checklist (curriculum)
List of things we want every rider to know.
NICA Waiver (from try it out rides)
Waiver - 2 page version, from NICA site
Loaner Bike Agreement
Agreement to be signed for loaner bikes (much more detailed sample from a California program in our gDrive Library folder)
Ride leader/coach onboarding
Startup document
Expense reimbursement form
Submit expenses. Email info@hpmtb.org when you use it.
Gear inventory
What gear we have wear. Joe Donohue maintains this.
Concussion Notes for HPMTB
One page document used to teach about concussions
Budget document
Email treasurer - Paul Johnson or John Faughnan
Stillwater Team Handbook
We should probably create our own from this or their current version.
Armstrong team training program
A set of Word docs in Google Drive/HPMTB/HPMTB Shared/Library/Armstrong Training Program. Our "Learning" page has more on many of the topics. Could be basis of creating a curriculum. The Periodization Schedule needs study.
Fall OnRamp Marketing Plan
Run 1 week before school start until 1 week after - recruit new riders
Highland Park High School Activities Page
References this site.
Bike Crash Guide (Bicycling 2015) and related blog post
First Aid Kit

Archives (documents no longer used)

Practice worksheet
What we do each practice, leaders sign up to attend, practice date and location (but calendar is the definitive time/date/location)
Practice templates
We are documenting multi-level rides.
Rider emergency and contact info

Meeting notes and agenda

Coach roster and emergency contact

HPMTB Volunteer Roles

Schedule overview
Overview of the season, there's a link here to our practice worksheet. This is mostly for use in planning and coaching so I moved it off the main page.
Team Manual
Team manual. Procedures to follow and, links to these documents.